Thursday, September 22, 2005


A lil flyer I did for the upcoming party on saturday.. Be there or get the f out.. hahaha..
Sorry for the bad resoultion.

Listen to: Threesix maffia - Stay fly

A place called Nimis....

So we rode the car for like almost 2 hours into this crazy landscape with craaazy trees and steep hills. You could smell the ocean and almost see it throught the heavy greenery. Two weird dogs followed on the road, one brown and one black.. very nice dogs indeed. The scenery was amazing, you almost felt like you were in the movie Ronja Rövardotter. Climbing and sweating.
So if you guys ever ever find this place let me know cause it´s crazy fresh.
Nature is beautiful so is art. The two of em combined is lovely.

What is this girl doing?

Thanks Lars Vilks for building this and Liiiiina for showing me this place.
I think this place is in the south of sweden or maybe not.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Maybe I post up some moren stuff from my interrail but it seems like no one is reading this blaha blaha.

the woods..

Great weekend. Slept for like 2 hours, crazy hungover. Went to the woods with Lina. Thanks alot girl. you the best...


You seem to be very very happy girl.
Lyssna på: Sonic Sum - The sannity annex. Classic. Go cop that shit

Eurocrunk! Maybe the new black. Get with it!
look at me!