Wednesday, May 31, 2006

ahhh shiiiiit. hoppas den här klubb thingin löser sig o blir fet.,
Min lista just nu:
Åka till landet och inte ha på mobilen på typ tre dgr.
gå på spank rock imorgon.
dricka rödvin igen. hahaha

mmmm. skulle vara något..

cykla hem o lägga sig kanske..

Bodda gör just nu typ världens fetaste beat brevid mig. skulle kunna tänka mig david banner över det... eller till och med någon grime mc.. mmm.. precis....

foto: C

Kan den här helgen bara vara över så vore det jäätteskönt...

tack för kaffet.

listen to: det där beatet som bodda gör just nu... det byggs och byggs som legoklossar..

ni som läser detta... just det ni ja... kan ni berätta vad som gjorde er mest peppast som små.....
det finns en penna under här som ni kan klicka på och skriva något... you know
ahhh. gonattt. hej då

2 cool 4 artschooool

2 cool 4 artschoooool

2/6 Support starving artists Vernissage/klubb

8 fattiga konstnärer
3 okända fotografer
4 glada modeskapare
15 korta filmer
2 ljudkonstnärer + massa annat.

LIVE: Allied Souls
Sam & Seamus (hip hop)
Kristan Wesen (elektro singer/songwriter)

Raw deluxe (hip hop, grime, bailefunk,b-more & så)
Deng Deng (Militant och dansant roots reggae)
Grane Sweatsky (elektro, funk, house)

Någonstans ska vi försöka klämma in en ipod battle också..

2 juni
Aktivitetshuset. Norra Grängesbergsgatan 14. MALMÖÖÖÖ

KOm dit för faaaaaaen...

2 cool 4 artschool


Sunday, May 28, 2006



ceasar salad yes.

Copenhagen was nice yeah. Good company. food, wine and all the good shit... lazy daisy. principessa.

weird shiiiit

Gus. bodda. Erica and Johanna looking lovely.

It´s up nigga.

Robert and Tatzanie. fly.

Johanna is very street yeah.

Me and Gus. photo: D. Hedman

agaaaain. Photo: D.hedman

Marcus Graap/eddie steeples and justice - superbad (this is dropping on the exclusive free mix cd you might get if you drop the party on friday.. 25 piece exclusive and if you still don´t get a copy you can buy Marcus street tape when it´s dropping. BRAP!)

Thursday, May 25, 2006


YOYOYO! If you guys and gurls are feeling this bullshit blog biz, just drop a comment from time to time... dis me or whatevs but just let me know if you´re reading this shit or looking at the photos. fo reals... and bring your stankin asses to the exhibition/club.


Ohhh. red wine.... rewind. hungover. all good.

Staaaaring at the sun. Staring in the sea. Your mouth is open wide. you trying hard to to breath......

Listen to: Nico - These days

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bring your stuff for the exhibition yo.

Alot of shit to do at the moment..... If anyone of you fancy artsy artists is reading this blog and want to contribute with music, art, photos or whatever to this Exhibition/club we are doing just e-mail me at
June 2nd. streesssssssss... Support starving artists. You get the deal

Thursday, May 18, 2006


actually I was just kiddin about Support starving artists being a lie.

site launching some of these days...

Im gonna try to figure out a plan so that I can move to NYC next year. yeah.. I miss that city...

Stay fresh.

Tv on the radio - A method

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Support starving artists is a lie that you all believed in. Enuff said.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Just e-mail me if you´re interested.

phooo reeeaaal? naaaah..


Sillen. Drunk as that.

It´s the fckn afterparty yo.

Me and Frida.

Danne, Kristin and Frida.

Jojjo and Jon.

Mash out posse?

Summer´s here.

Robert and Bodda. NYC?

We hang at this spot way to much..

Alex studio.



Sunday, May 14, 2006


soon to come: You´ll get all the gossip, rumours, flix and info about my nigga Spanarn.

Geset and Spanarn.

Photos from Gustav.

The man behind the photos. Somewhere in Spain.. Maybe BCN.

Jocke says STREEEEET.

Danne says SWEEEEEET.

This is the no.1 streetnigga around Möllan. We are gonna use this photo for an upcoming flyer. hehee

Ia and me.

Diplo is no.1. Don´t hate.

Sillen and Nicku drunk like that.

Bonde Do Role were fckn great live. crraze.

Me and Spärn. Happy like that.

Listen to: Camron - Killa Cam

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunshine and shiiiiiii.

Yeaaah it makes my fukcin day and early mornings you know the deal. Satellite, Staring at the sun and Blind and of course I was a lover.

Most important ishht this year are Tv on the radio - Return To Cookie Mountain release date 2006-07-03
Ellen Allien & Apparat - orchestra of bubbles

Listen to. TV on the radio - I was a lover
Uffie - Pop the glock (Sebastian remix)
Daft Punk - Prime time of your life (Para-one remix)

more shit

the rumble flix stolen from EDIT!