Friday, April 29, 2005


Last summer I went to Berlin with two friends of mine. Really nice trip with nice people. I loved the eastern parts of Berlin, alot of graffiti and art on the streets and rooftops. The people in Berlin are pretty mellow and non stressed city people.
So if you ever visit Berlin head out to Alexanderplatz and the surrounding areas.

The Cbs crew rule the city and has done that for many years.

Akim has one of the greatest handstyles ever I think.

Sandra and Johan enjoying a bottle of wine at a really cosy resturant on a dead end street. Great memories.

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Funky ride.

On my way to the studio I passed this car which is really french and nice. When I was younger my friends fam had this type of car and I thought it was so dope. It´s even hydrualics on this car. Funky fresh right!

How jiggy is this car? Has hydraulics and club in it.

The life...

I just saw The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Great movie. It´s dope to see Bill Murray in all these movies now. Great guy you know....

I was at this  runway show/fashion show this tuesday and the cute japanese girl who played the music played Irfane- Just a Little Lovin´ (bootleg Dusty Springfield) which was so dope. But I can´t find it anywhere. If someone reads this and has it, mail me. Big up Karma for the really dope music.

Playing: Dusty Springfield - Just a little lovin

The Edukators

If you guys haven´t seen this movie you should. It´s based on a true story. Nuff said.

Real men huh.

I walked by this construction site near my apartment and saw this flag hanging from one of the floors. It say´s Real men don´t drive hummer. Hahahahaa. Imagine how bored these guys at the site are. Funny indeed.


This is how Malmö looked like a couple of weeks ago when the football/soccer season kicked off. Really nice day with happy faces and not so much hooliganism.

Bling bling.

I remember when I was younger I always wanted a goldtooth. It´s pretty funny looking if you only have one gold tooth.. It´s way better to get a whole grill like Rza or something...
Here´s Sara, Sillen and Jon rocking the bling that Ulrika got from New York for Johan. I´m not gonna front and post a pic of me wearing it cause it really looked ridiculous.

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check out the cd that´s featured in the sonic magazine.
Check the Fellow Diners track, really nice music there. Fellow Diners

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

For Daniel from Daniel


Yo. you could also look this fresh with the Young and Pretty gear....
Thanks to Daniel for helping me out with blog. check out diverseawareness

This is a pic of two friends of mine that i rarely see at all. Johan and Ulrika. Nice seeing you guys...

This weekend has been pretty nice and mellow, alot of chilling outside in the nice and sunny but cold spring weather...

pretty gay photo of myself... hahahaa...

While i´m here posting you guys should check out radioclit for straight up hotness. Alot of good music on the site. You get me?? hahaha


Lethal B - Pow (Forward riddim 2)
Roll deep - When im here
The postal service - such great heights
Stacs of Stamina - Tivoli promo


So now i´m getting my blog on