Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Greetings from Möllan.

Ossian came back home for three days and we kicked it with the kids in Lindängen.
For the community. Photos up on Likkle Youths Club soon.

Bike ting 2008

Double J.

Sofia on a good old bike in Lund.

J and J lurking in the streets.

At last. My bike. thanks to Joel and Jon!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

haters everywhere I go....

Listen to Yeasayer. Very very promising band. The reason I totally like this band is that they sound abit like Tv on the radio which is one of my favorite bands..
Now go fuck yourself and sleep tight..

wot u call it?

I have a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. You know like blood, you like the colour but the taste is terrible.
Something don´t feel right..... You get what I mean?? No need to explain thingssss. Just a bad feeling.

Part of the weekend never dies.

DOCVILLE - Trailer Part of the Weekend Never Dies

Looking forward for this documentary...

Listen to: Justice - Phantom pt.2 (Soulwax Nite version)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Caught in the street!

For my dogs!

My and Alba. Where´s Lima???

Sepideh. Did I spell it correct?


Fred and Gustav.

Emil got a very good style...

freessssh yo

Fick just ett roligt erbjudande att ställa ut foton till... SUPERGLAD idag....
Berättar mer när det är klart... Hehehehhehee..

Monday, April 21, 2008

I´m already inside you!!



Listen to: Ludacris - Ultimate Satisfaction (Cabin Bwoy Refix)
This track feels like a good track to make love to,... try it out you lovers!!

the great Sinden on Kiss fm.


This has to be the best Sinden mix I´ve heard. Every single track is dope.
So I´m gonna be kind and spoil the source where I got it from. But you probably already know about the Mad Decent blog.
You can always stream the mixes at Kiss fm too.


Teyana Taylor - Traffic Stop - Star Trak
Snopp Dogg - Cool - Geffen

Gnarles Barkey - Run - Warners

Afrikan Boy - Eba Eater - Zig Zag
 (This track makes me absolutely happy!!!! Smile and listen to it)
Double S - From Day - White Label

Fully Fitted - New Money - Fully Fitted

Dj Ng - Tell Me - White Label

Edu K Featuring Marina - Me Bota Pra Dancer - Man Recordings

Tetine - I Go To The Doctor - Soul Jazz Records

Santo Gold - L.E.S. Artistes (Xxxchange Remix) - Atlantic

D' Secret Svc - Tight Jeans (Dj Booman Baltimore Remix) - Coco Machete

Azzido Da Bass - Dooms Night (Switch Remix) - Frenetic Music

The Bumblebees - Rio (Herve Remix) - Modular

Flo Rider - Low (Nephets Remix) - Cdr

Soulja Boy - Yahhh! (Wideboys Bassline Remix) - Cdr (This absolutely hysteric, hahahaha)

Zombie - Liquid Dancehall - Ramp Records

Jodeci Vs Gucci Mane - Freekin' Gurl (Smutlee Blend) - Cdr

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hello sunny days always chasing perfect.

Just how we all like em. hehehehe

Lennart & Lennart catching photos. You fucking guys disgust me! Go fuck yourself!!! But if you´re from media you cool but you´re too obvious you likkle pigs. Eat a dick!!!!
Listen to: Sinden on Kiss. Always good mixes..

You really HAVE to check this girl out.. It´s a must!! Straight banger!!
Teyana Taylor - Traffic Stop (Really good new signing for Star Trak. Pharrell produced it and the girl got it too)

It´s Weezy baby! part 1 and 2.

"" border="0" alt="" />

Just watch it!

Tack Sofia för blog-länken! http://nahright.com/

Jons snea bild av det hela.

Kolla tekniken på kebabkungen af Istergade. Vilken teknik och vilket sug i blicken. ___________.

Vega mega laser 2008 yo.

Göteborgs situation.
Filmklipp och foton av mina goda vän Jon Leonard Johansson

// Charlie Af ski.


inlägget nedanför med cykelkepsen....

Om ni inte förstod att det var ett skämt så kan ni fuckk off... Det var ingen diss till dig Jon, det vara bara tråkig humor...


Saturday, April 19, 2008

For you anonymous people!

Listen to Looptroop - Living on a prayer (Yeah, it´s a Jon Bon Jovi cover and it´s great)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Liten tävling.

Hmmmm.. Hur ligger det till här egentligen???
1. Har killen på bild blivit cykelbud?
2. Har han för liten keps?
3. Eller är han bara en hipster?
4. Det har stigit honom åt huvfudet.
5. Brooklyn brothel brother.
6. Killen har tappat det.
7. Yes yo you silly hoe.

Korrekt svar kan belönas med en reklamplats på denna sida, dejt på en resturang eller bara en simpel mixcd.
Beror på vilket humör jag är på och vem du är-

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

street art

Klockrent!!! It says: "Keep Möllan clean from cop" Not cops..
That shit is superfunny!!

Vet inte hur det kom upp där men snyggt är det.

hahaha... Sniffa supercola. Hysteriskt kul... felstavat och allt.

Alla ni som springer runt och fotograferar med mobilkameror borde skärpa er!!!

Goodbye readers!!!


(The picture is stolen from google, Thank you anonymous people)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Saturdays saturdaaaayyyysss!

Take it personal is the name for the next thing I´m doing. Be prepared. No censored shit this time. Just that raw in your face shit! D.I.Y style. No pretty pictures here! The photos I showed at the exhibition were way to positive and pretty.
Don´t get me wrong, I´m happier than ever!
The pictures below are from saturday.


Lil preview.

Niklas and girlie.

Nkotb Markus.

Sara & Andreas. Thanks for the candy!

Sebastian and his mother.

Rahela & Gustav.

Erik, Gus & Gustav

Legendary Kid Skraam.

Simón, Sebastian and Ellen played fucking good music!

Maya, Vanek and me.

Happy bunch.

Anna and Jon.

Thanks to this guy for all the help!!!!! BIG UP GUSTAV!!!

Maya dancing.

Annie & ?

Listen to: Vampire Weekend - One
Late Of The Pier - The Bears Are Coming