Sunday, August 28, 2005

Yeah, I´m gonna post more stuff soon. meanwhile cehck out:

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Yeah! We are online soon. Motherfuckers Support starving artists


Is anyone reading this shit? Drop a comment if you read this crap..... it´s borrrinnnnnng...


Antwerpen is maybe known for it´s high quality fashion and beer, chocolates, frites, mussels and bling bling. The town is pretty small but hella nice. You should look out for Kid Vanilla. A new fresh brand that´s gonna blow up. Big up to Benjamin, Eva and Tobias. Hope your showroom in berlin went gooooooood.

Nice looking central station. Very classy like alot of the european central stations.

Something from the street. Reminds of a drawing that a girl did for me. Maybe it is her repping in the streets.

Tobias ( or wasd it Bert, my memory is fucked up sometimes), Benjamin and Eva.

A lil graphic from their studio/home/creative playground.

Secret exclusive Kid vanilla gear. Watch out cause they´re are gonna get big.

Also check out Tobias stuff at Afreux .

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Part three coming sooner than you think.... hahahahaa

Monday, August 15, 2005

Part one.

So I´m gonna start writing a lil something about my interrail.
On the train to Amsterdam from Copenhagen I met this finnish fella by the name Otto. Since he was on his way to A-dam we linked up and chilled there. Amsterdam is really weird place, first time there you know. Prostitution and mad drugs circulating. The people in Amsterdam are really open and friendly. Visit Wynand Fockink if you´re in town cause they have really nice shots. Maybe like 40 different variations of liqour and they have made it like that since 1650 in the same building. Now thaty´s keeping shit real. Ahhh shit, I should fucking write a tourist guide. hahahahah.... Here´s three flicks from A-dam. And fuck people that stress about getting lifted for the first time, I can´t stand your bad trips.

A view from my hostel.

This is how I felt Amsterdam was like. You get the picture.

The girls where good looking toooo.... you get me!

Part two coming maybe tomorrow.

And for you pepople that read my blog, PLEEAAASE, post comments.

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Sunday, August 14, 2005


Back from the interrail. It sure was fun. Ima write about it later though...
This weekend has been all crazy clubbing. HELLLLA fun. Here´s some photos from this weekend. Thanks for welcoming a nigga back home.. hahahahahaaa

Gus getting his crunk loooook on. bwwwoy!

It´s all about the shoes and the fancy footwork and you maaddaaafuckaaaasss should know that. HOLLLRRRRR

Get physical....

..and dance dance dance...

Clara and Kristin getting their dirt on.

The track goes like.... ... and it´s a really dope track.

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Felix the housecat - Ready To Wear (Benny Benassi Remix)
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