Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Kid America club

check out Kid America Club. It´s funny as fuck and it´s done by all my favorite New Yorkers... not that new though.... so last year... hahahahaahaaaaaa

Thursday, April 20, 2006

check out this guy.. http://www.pmkfa.com/



fresh stuff...Posikids

Sara. Prylarna var fresh som faaaen. Väldigt begåvad...

Yep yep yep

One of my favorite dj´s is playing The Rumble the 30th of april. Lowbudget aka Low B. Diplos fucking Hollertronix partner. Yep that´s right... Get yuor stanking asses there and get your dance on.

Low B

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Me and Sara. Serious thugs. watch your backs..

Danne and Kristin.



Listen to: TTC - Vacances en italie

photos photos..

Weird fucking meny..




photos photos photos..



Gus and Bartek crunk as shiiiit.


Push things forward..

This is some lame photos from Panora.. the Preview of the documentary went well.
Dj Vadim, Yarah Bravo and Blu rum 13 played there. it was aight, maybe a bit too hip hop for me... You know how that classic hip hop can get so fuckin boring even though they are great musicians..... Pelle claimed it to be as big as when he saw Beastie boys live like 40 years ago... Them good ol days.. hmmm

Me and Gesan´..

Gus and Maja.

Anna and another girl..

Pelle. Where you at?

Gus and Maja is a sweeet coouple... be happy fellas


Ni behöver inte ursäkta er er när ni råkar gilla en låt som råkar vara komersiell eller från en annan genre än "eran". Keep it fake, not real. Mofuckasssss

"Den är ju bra för att vara en rocklåt liksom"

ni vet vad jag menar..... lyssna på whatever och skäms inte över det... I högstadiet var det kanske så att man var tvungen att keeep shit reaaal... hahahahaha...

Listen to: Lowbudget - Clubshotta mix


Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Caps and Jones.

Sillen and Cissi.

Geset. what?

Gus and Anna.

Sandra and Erik.

Joel, some girl and me.

Heden, Bodda and Amanda.


Blurry smurry.

I fuckin dig this picture. Gustav and Pelle.

More pics coming this week and that´s a promise...
Listen to Bonde de role - that diplo remix of a track.